desert beyond the valley of the kings, egypt



Orphan of the Sun, Bloomsbury, 2007
A tale of mystery and intrigue set in the village of the kings' tomb-builders. Thirteen-year-old Meryt-Re is trying to wriggle out of an unwanted marriage, but she soon has a lot more on her plate. Her cousin falls ill, a boisterous draughtsman is up to no good, and her father can't rest in his grave...

Sample review
'A rich story. The author's love for the place is evident and allows you to imagine events clearly even without any prior knowledge of ancient Egypt. An unusual, well-researched book'    School Librarian

Visit the book website for more about the book, and for plenty of facts about Egypt.

RRP £5.99, Bloomsbury online price £4.49 Buy here


The Genie of Timbuktu, Barrington Stoke, 2008
He wears all white and rides a white horse. He's the most powerful genie of all Timbuktu. But is he powerful enough to save Abdul's life?

This is a retelling of the myth of El Farouk, the most famous genie of Timbuktu, as explained to Gill by the people of the town.
Written with reluctant readers in mind.

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Tracking (Fiction with Stacks of Facts), Barrington Stoke, 2008
Jamie and Ed get more than they bargain for when they go tracking in isolated woods. An unusual set of tracks belong to a big wild boar. And he has good reason to be angry...

Additional fact boxes about the ins and outs of tracking accompany this adventure story.
Written with reluctant readers in mind.

RRP £5.99, Amazon price £5.39 Buy here 



The Usborne Internet-linked Encyclopedia of Ancient Egypt, Usborne, latest edition 2008
Co-written with Struan Reid
This is a beautifully designed and illustrated book, and a great introduction to the history and culture of ancient Egypt. It's the book that got me started on the subject.

Usborne online price (flexiback) £9.99 Buy here


Tutankhamun (Usborne Young Reading, Series 3), Usborne, 2006
Packed with illustrations and photos, this is a young reader's guide to King Tut's life, and to the discovery of his tomb in 1922 by Howard Carter.

Usborne online price £4.99 Buy here


Desert Adventures (Usborne True Stories), Usborne, this edition 2008
They're all in there -- the Gobi, the Namib, the Arabian and the great Sahara, and the tales of those adventurous (or foolish) enough to take them on. Includes an account of the life of Lawrence of Arabia.

Usborne online price £4.99 Buy here

I spent five years at Usborne as a writer/editor. Other titles written during my time there include soccer guides Ball Control, Passing and Shooting and Defending; horsey guides Understanding Your Pony and The Complete Guide to Riding and Pony Care (co-written); Crime and Detection, another in the True Stories series; The Usborne Book of Puppets; ESP, one of Usborne's paranormal guides; and last but not least, my first published title -- Starting Cooking.

Travel writing


Mali, Bradt Travel Guides, 3rd edition, 2009
This is the only stand-alone English-language guide to Mali, and covers everything from getting to Timbuktu to exploring the clubs of Bamako. I helped to update the third edition.

RRP £14.99, Bradt online price £11.99 Buy here

Make The Most Of Your Time on Earth, Volume Two, Rough Guides
I contributed a description of the many ways to approach climbing Mount Mulanje, central Africa's highest mountain, situated in Malawi.

RRP £14.99

Commissioned fiction

Fiction that I was commissioned to write under another name.

Scholastic's Heartland series, set on a horse-whispering farm in Virginia.
Written under the name of Lauren Brooke.
Book 7, Out of the Darkness
Book 9, Every New Day
Book 11, True Enough
Book 13, Darkest Hour
Book 14, Everything Changes
Book 16, Holding Fast
Book 18, New Beginnings
Book 20, Always There
Special Edition, A Winter's Gift

HarperTrophy's Magic Carousel series.
Written under the name of Poppy Shire.
Sparkle, The Circus Pony
Star, The Western Pony
Flame, The Desert Pony

Hodder's Young Animal Ark series.
Written under the name of Lucy Daniels.
The Happy Hamster
The Friendly Foal