desert beyond the valley of the kings, egypt

The Egyptian Chronicles

Ancient Egypt: scorching sun, gods and gold, tombs and temples, not to mention the odd scarab, snake and scorpion. The perfect setting, surely, for a spot of adventure?

Enter intrepid duo Hopi and Isis. Life's been tough on them. They've lost their parents to a crocodile attack on the Nile, and Hopi still has scars on his leg to show for it. But Isis escaped the attack unscathed, and she can dance. So when she gets spotted by a local dance and music troupe, their fortunes begin to change... 

  • FOR AGE 8+


The Spitting Cobra
On a trip to the village of the tomb-builders near the famous Valley of the Kings, Isis and Hopi soon find themselves investigating the robbery of royal tombs. And there's a cobra lurking out on the rocks...
Focus of Fact File: World of Hopi and Isis, Cobras, Tomb-builders' Village, Valley of the Kings, Tomb Robberies, Gods, Glossary
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The Horned Viper

Wealthy temple overseer Hat-neb takes Hopi and Isis on a trip down the Nile in his beautiful boat. But they soon discover that some people are not what they seem, and there are murderous feelings on board.
Focus of Fact File: World of Hopi and Isis, Vipers, River Nile, Temples, Sea Peoples, Nubians, Gods, Glossary
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The Sacred Scarab

It's harvest time, and a peasant farmer shows up with a dreadful tale of misfortune. Abana the tax-collector must be to blame, but can Hopi and Isis outwit such a powerful enemy?
Focus of Fact File: World of Hopi and Isis, Scarabs, Making Mummies, Farming Life, Famous Festivals, Gods, Glossary
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The Deathstalker

An Egyptian army regiment returns from battle with prisoners of war and a terribly wounded soldier. While Isis dances, Hopi discovers a dark secret in the depths of the army camp.
Focus of Fact File:World of Hopi and Isis, Scorpions, Ancient Egyptian Army, Libyans, Gods, Glossary
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'Each book gives a fantastically atmospheric taste of Egyptian life; the time, the food and drink, clothing and customs come alive as part of an exciting adventure story. Not to be missed!'                                                                                Primary Times

'As well as an exciting storyline, the books are also historically accurate, allowing children to absorb information while they read'
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'Harvey's fresh, crisp and fluid writing style ensures that everything about the book is spot on and is a delight to indulge a few hours in'                                                                                                                                                                     The Truth About Books